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Storm Services

Southwest Florida has experienced numerous named hurricanes and tropical storms which have created untold damage to private property. As part of our services at Assured Home Watch, we offer Pre-storm preparation, post-storm assessments, and remediation services. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when insurance companies are involved!

Pre-storm preparations:

  • We meet with the client prior to storm season to determine their needs. 
  • We conduct a run through of the preparation at the owners home to stay prepared for storm season. We provide our clients with in-depth literature on how to prepare for Florida summers.
  • We offer pre-storm staging of your home to reduce airborne missiles by moving outdoor furniture, grills, and other loose items into your garage.
  • Pickup debris in your yard prior to the storms arrival.
  • We mount shutters to existing hardware or close electric/crank shutters.
  • We take pictures once shutters are installed for the home owners insurance company. 

Post-storm assessments:

  • After the “all clear” has sounded, we will do our best to drive by your property and assess for damage.
  • This will not be a home watch inspection, but a quick check to assess for both water and wind damage.


  • Once it is deemed safe by Assured Home Watch we will get to your house as soon as possible to assess any damages that may have been caused by the storm. 
  • If damage is found at your home, we will provide clean-up and handyman services.
  • Assured Home watch has an extensive list of trades people, vendors and contractors, to assist you in hiring the right contractor.

In order to provide storm services to our clientele, we will meet with the home owner to review and formulate a storm plan that is best fitting for all of us. We will discuss the home owners wishes and accept realistic expectations of how Assured Home Watch will prevent damage to their home. We will then preform a dry run of storm perpetration to ensure that all shutter pieces are available to us in the case of emergency. After the shutters have been placed our Certified Home Watch Professional will take pictures of the home for insurance purposes following the storm. 

The above services are provided to our existing clients only. We will do our best to provide the above services to our client’s expectations. We do reserve the right, and hope you will understand, that our safety is the utmost importance during these emergency situations. If we are ordered to evacuate prior to completing all of the above services, we will reserve the right to evacuate.     

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Every home is as different as every homeowner.  Let Assured Home Watch provide you with with a free consultation regarding your home and its vulnerability when you are away.  While living is the area is great, the climate can be very hard on your home and without timely checks, mold, leaks and other problems can quickly result in thousands of dollars of damage.  We can be there when you are not.  And you can… Rest Assured!